Catch Emily and Kate Roman in Season 9 of ‘The Next Step’ this Spring

Kate Roman and Emily Roman. Photo by Vita Cooper.
Kate Roman and Emily Roman. Photo by Vita Cooper.

CBBC’s The Next Step follows the lives of A-Troupe, a group of dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio, as they attempt to win regional, national and international dance championships. The group of dancers is tight-knit and not only concerned about winning for themselves, though. The young group realizes it’s about working together, accepting everyone for who they are and finding their footing as they become young adults.

What better way to portray this camaraderie than having real dancing sisters star in the series and take on the natural challenges and hard work that their characters endure.

Kate and Emily Roman. Photo by Jordan Matter.
Kate and Emily Roman. Photo by Jordan Matter.

Sisters Emily and Kate Roman will play Presley and Ariana, respectively, in Season 9 of The Next Step, which premiered on CBBC iPlayer in the UK on April 8. Presley was first part of J-Troupe in season 6, B-Troupe in season 7, and as a guest star in seasons 8 and 9. Kate’s character, Ariana, is newer to the cast, but she carries the entire new season through a few of the major plot lines.

How did the girls go from competitive dancers to TV stars? At ages four and eight, Kate and Emily began competitive dance training at Canadian Dance Company in its full-time program. From the start, they loved the stage and were natural performers. They both became well-known across North America on the convention/competition circuit, each winning several competitions both as soloists and in groups. They have worked with world-renowned choreographers including Mia Michaels, Al Blackstone, Andrew Winghart, Travis Wall, Talia Favia, Mandy Moore, Chantal Aguirre, Teddy Forrance and more.

At the age of 12, Emily began auditioning for acting roles and was soon hired to be an acting double to Amybeth McNulty in Anne with an E. Later that same year, she was booked on season 6 of The Next Step.

Soon after, Kate also began acting classes, and in 2019, they booked their first project together, the Netflix film Feel the Beat. The Roman sisters continued their serious dance training throughout the pandemic years, but their urge to act grew stronger and stronger.

Kate Roman as Ariana in season 9 of 'The Next Step'.
Kate Roman as Ariana in season 9 of ‘The Next Step’.

In the spring of 2021, Kate booked 13: The Musical, and Emily continued with guest star and principal roles on The Next Step. Emily went on to attend college at AMDA’s Acting for Camera Conservatory in NYC, and is now living in Los Angeles as a working actor. Last spring 2023, Kate was contacted by Amy Wright, the casting director and head choreographer for The Next Step, who told her that the role of Ariana in the show was written for Kate.

The Next Step is a show that chronicles the trials and triumphs of a group of dancers, along with the personal challenges and conflicts that teens can face. Emily and Kate know well what it’s like to be a teen dancer and one so heavily involved in the competition circuit. And personally, as young actors facing auditions and rejections, they know what it’s like having to turn to their dedication and persistence and come back to why they love the craft.

Check them out on The Next Step, and stay tuned for the next edition of Dance Informa, where we will follow the Roman sisters’ journey further and take a peek into their life on set.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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